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Board of Directors:
Paula Holtz

Current Women’s Pastor of the Monroe Vineyard and visionary of
Vineyard Village, her vision for serving new challenged people of Monroe came home when her stepdaughter was sent to prison. This launched her into an unexpected relationship with nearly thirty women at the State of Michigan Department of Corrections Women’s Huron Valley Correctional facility in Ypsilanti. She has counseled numerous women there and even connected with some of the men at the Jackson facility through these women’s friends and family. This has given us an extended covered of much of the state in our outreach. As couple, she from WHV and he from the Jackson facility were part of this program and she even performed the marriage ceremony of the two. Pastor Paula, as they call her realized that what they needed was a job when they got out of prison. This was the birth of a vision

Vic Holtz

Senior Pastor of the Monroe Vineyard Church, Paula’s husband, and
Secretary of the Vineyard Village Board of Directors has joined in on this vision.
Following a successful career as an engineering and management consultant in the Southeast Michigan area, Pastor Holtz is a registered professional engineer in
Michigan. He has been in over 500 manufacturing plants over the years and is also planning to train future employees in Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) operations. He designed a free daycare center which is currently in the construction phase. He is working on additional future ventures for Vineyard Village including kitting and fulfillment operations and some light manufacturing such as light assembly operations with fellow board member Brad Pritts.

Brad Pritts

MBA (University of Michigan) is an international business consultant
primarily in management and quality programs, mainly in Tier Two automotive but not limited to that area. He has worked numerous projects with Mr. Holtz in manufacturing. He has also been on numerous nonprofit boards and has taken training from U of M in how to run a nonprofit board. He has been involved in major fundraising programs. His wife, Sue, a retired librarian from U of M will assist in research efforts. Brad is the Board Treasurer.

Pastor Heather Boone

Senior Pastor of Oaks of Righteousness Church and the principal of Oaks Victory Village, and effort which resulted the purchase of the former St. Joseph Catholic Church, school and rectory in Monroe. She also oversees the local homeless shelter that she established along with a food bank, used goods room, addiction treatment and support groups and much more. Pastor Boone holds Master Degrees in both Social Work and Theology. She is overseeing the efforts of the aforementioned daycare center. Vineyard Village will be relying on Oaks Victory Village to provide candidates for employment.

Ty Guthrie

Southeast Michigan Executive Manager of Touchstone Recovery. Mr.
Guthrie oversees four addiction support homes for men working on addiction recovery. He is a former addict who has successfully survived his addiction and thrived. He also is the owner of JKL Flooring Company in Monroe, which provides jobs for men in his recovery program. Touchstone will be another source of candidates for employment.

Pete Burkit

DTE community outreach member and community activist. Mr. Burkit’s
primary focus will be in the Fresh Start Coffeehouse efforts in menu development and liaison with the Monroe County Health Department. He will help develop the coffee and food products and work on the fundraising efforts.

Madonna Burkit

DTC community outreach member. In addition, Ms. Burkit is on the
Board of Directors of Paula’s House, an addiction treatment and housing program that serves single women and single mothers. She is also an exuberant fundraising, working on fundraising efforts for Vineyard Village, Oaks Victory Village, Paula’s House, and the March of Dimes program. She is currently doing graduate studies in nonprofit organizational development.

Vineyard Village Board of Advisors

Dr. Kojo Quartey, current President of the Monroe County Community College. Dr.
Quartey is leading an effort called, “Reintegrating Returning Residents” which dovetails very well into the Vineyard Village program. Dr. Quartey and Vineyard Village have been sharing vision and resources and once their program is underway we will be recruiting their graduates.

Vuncia Council

Learning Bank Director. The Learning Bank (named from its location in
the former Monroe Bank & Trust building gifted to the program) assists participants in the preparation of mastering and passing academic requirements for their GED. The Learning Bank will be another resources for our employees and future employees.


Dale DeSloover

President of the Monroe County Intermediate School District Board of Directors. Mr. DeSloover has been a close friend to the efforts of Vineyard Village. As a ? member of Monroe Vineyard Church he has shared in the vision of Vineyard Village from it inception. We will be working with Mr. DeSloover in coordination of efforts to interface with the K through 12 community.
Donna Cherba, Juvenile Probation Officer of Monroe County. Ms. Cherba works with the Monroe County Circuit Court – Family Division and was a former liaison between the youth and the judges. Ms. Cherba will be an invaluable resource for interfacing with the law enforcement departments.

Rick & Cindy Merling

Baristas in Owosso, Michigan. Fresh Start Coffeehouse will need to become a viable enterprise and therefore training will be needed, especially with the supervisors in the initial phases. Mr. Merling is assisting in equipment selection and acquisition. Mrs. Merling will be involved in the hands-on training itself. Award winning baristas at the Journey Coffeehouse in Owosso, they are our coffee go-to people.